Why companies need a qualitative Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides a clear overview of business and IT elements within a company and how these elements contribute to the strategic goals of the company. It is therefore important that the EA is organised properly.

Why is EA so important?

A good EA can lead to less costs, more efficiency and more effectiveness. The great insights that EA offers is the basis for these positive outcomes of a good EA. The reason is that EA allows companies to view any possible risks and allows for a great alignment with the wishes of the customer. It also makes all the business and IT elements more cohesive and therewith allows for better cooperation within the organisation. When a central platform is clarified and improved, then all the other parts will be connected to this effective platform. This, therefore, spreads the coherence throughout the firm.


The BlueDolphin software can add value to an effective Enterprise Architecture. With the complexity that comes with digitization, it is becoming more and more important to have a collaborative platform that brings together all the knowledge within a firm. Due to the improved technology and digital era, knowledge regarding IT and business processes is often spread out throughout different departments. Collaborative platforms like BlueDolphin allow for all employees to bring and edit knowledge to a central platform. This creates an easy way to access the knowledge available and have an overview of the expertise within the company.