Valuable business applications for your company

Running a company requires a lot of effort. Besides having to focus on your core business, there are so many things you have to take care of. Luckily there are a few apps that can make your life a lot easier. I have listed some of those in this article.


Triggre is definitely an application to keep an eye on. It is a platform that allows you to create your own applications , without any knowledge on coding and without the need to hire costly developers. Triggre works in an intuitive way and makes use of predesigned templates that can be adjusted, in order to make sure that they serve exactly the desired purpose. Triggre’s software is ideal for automating processing and to reduce repetitive work. It gives business of all sizes the ability to take full advantage of the possibilities of digitalization, without having to spend all their budget.

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Trello is a very popular application that has been around for a few years already. Trello is a project management feature that allows you to easily collaborate with colleagues or external partners. It is a very user-friendly application that works with boards, columns and cards and it offers a clear few of the status and progress of projects. Also: you can use it for free.

Google Meet

Google Meet is an application that allows you to easily organize video meetings. It is an ideal application if you and your team already work with Gmail. The app is very user-friendly and since it is integrated in all different products of the Google Workspace, it lets you easily switch between apps like Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets.