Discover the power of local visibility: manage your business on Google My Business with ease 

Google My Business, often abbreviated to GMB, is an essential tool for businesses. It helps improve their online visibility. This can be a game changer, especially for local entrepreneurs. Your company will have its own place on Google, which will put you in direct contact with potential customers. Information such as opening hours, location and contact details are immediately visible. Customer reviews also play a big role. These reviews influence how new customers see your business. So good reviews can attract more customers. The great thing is that you can manage all of this yourself. The GMB API makes it easier for developers and businesses to manage their listings on Google. This means you have more control over how your business appears online. 

What is Google My Business 

Using Google My Business is quite simple but offers profound possibilities. The first thing you do is claim your business or create a new listing. You fill in basic information such as the name of your company, address, telephone number and website. The most important thing is that this information is always up to date. Customers must be able to find you and contact you. Adding photos to your GMB profile is also a smart move. This makes your listing more attractive and gives customers a better idea of your company. 

How does Google My Business work 

After setting up your GMB profile, the next step is managing it. You’ll get access to a dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your listing. The GMB dashboard is your control center. Here’s how customers find your business and interact with your listing. You’ll get insights into searches, how often people view your location, and how they contact you. This information is valuable for improving your visibility and customer engagement. Responses to reviews are also important.