Universal Hardness Tester

universal hardness tester

A Universal Hardness Tester is made for use in high capacity construction and manufacturing labs. Such a tester is developed to carry out many hardness scales using a single machine. It is often used to test the hardness of higher loads of over 5kgf.

Universal Testers comprises fully mechanized and automated test cycles inclusive of indentation. They also have automatic reading capability applied through its high-quality cameras. These testers can test various metals’ hardness, including metal alloys, aluminium, steel, brass, copper, and cast iron. Besides hardness tests, Universal Testers are designed to carry out heat treatment, cementation, and hardening.

universal hardness tester

Components of these Testers

Because of its robust make, these machines are highly dependable and are perfect for production environments. They have high-speed testing cycles and a turret that clenches various indenters and objectives. The mechanic can test hardness using different test techniques without manually changing the indenter or the objective. Its frame is designed using a strong metal casting. It is made of a big T-shaped stage of 300mm by 400mm, and its weight load volume allows the testing of massive and huge parts.

universal hardness tester

Advantages of these Testers

  • It has a special 8-position turret, which guarantees that all the necessary testing appliances are fitted. It also eliminates the need for manual switching of identers.
  • Its frame is designed using a sturdy steel casting metal, excellently suited for production areas.
  • It has high precision and replicability of measurement outcomes owing to its closed-loop load cell automation.
  • It comprises both automated and non-automated Z-axis motion.