Limited liability company Nederlands

If you’re going to setup a company in the Netherlands, you really should consider to open a limited liability company Nederlands. In Dutch, this is called a BV or “Besloten Vennootschap”. In the U.S. they call it the American limited liability company and in German it is similar to the GmbH. The BV is the most common type of legal forms and is coming with a lot of advantages.

There is only one legal requirements for opening a Dutch BV company;

– You need to have a registered office in the Netherlands. Dike international has a strong partnership with the Business centre Stadium Breda and can assist you in hiring an office for a very attractive price.

And as mentioned, there are a lot of advantages, for example;

– For your Dutch BV, you can have on or more founders and shareholders, just the number you prefer. Also, is one of the shareholders is a physical person, he or she can also be the director of the company.

– Before October 2012 the minimal requirement amount of setting up a BV company was 18.000 euro, but not anymore. Present day, a BV company has no minimum shares anymore; you can have 100 equal shares for the amount of 0.01,- if you like.

If you’re interested in learning about all the other advantages of setting up a Dutch BV company, please contact Dike international right away. We are happy to professionally inform you about everything you need to know.