Buy IP address block

Does your organisation need extra IPv4 addresses? Buy an IP address block now at Prefix Broker! Buying this is a great investment for the future of your company. Of course you want a smooth and easy transaction when you buy a IP address block. Prefix Broker helps you handling every step of the process so it is easy for you to understand. You can use the IP address block when you are in Europe, Russia and many other global countries.

Buy IP address block at Prefix Broker

At Prefix Broker, they have over a decade of experience matching up potential buyers and sellers. They are established in 2013 and they simplify the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses. They are based in The Netherlands but they also work with organizations located in the RIPE region. So they are also very familiar with the RIPE policies as well as providing IP brokerage services. Their objective is to match buyers and sellers and ensure the transaction proceeds quickly and smoothly. All IP resources will be transferred properly to avoid future issues.

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