Motorcycle helmets

I don’t know about you but safety comes first. That is no different for people who use motorcycle helmet. Just like a driver would put on his safety belt so should a motorcyclist put on his helmet. Helmets are important but it doesn’t mean you have to wear any helmet you find. You would definitely need to make a choice from a variety of choices available out there.

Types of helmets

Motorcycle helmet

Since we have made clear that helmets are of utmost importance and you should wear one, the next step is to decide which kind of helmet befits you. The major types of helmets are:

• Full Face helmets

Helmets that offer more safety of the head than any other. This type of helmet is fully enclosed to cover the head and the face.

• Open Face helmets

This kind of helmet generally protects the head excluding the face. Riders may choose this if they don’t want their face covered for various individual reasons.

• Cross helmets

Characterized by a long chin guard, this helmet has motor-cross racers in mind. They used to wear normal full-face helmets but the oxygen supply during racing wasn’t enough.

Motorcycle helmet

• Flip-Up helmets

The type of helmet is like a hybrid of Full-Face helmets and Open helmets since you can switch between the two by flipping up or down to achieve the latter and former. The downside of such a helmet is the weight that comes with the technicality of the flip.

You can also go further and find a more individual type of helmet for yourself. You can also get a customized helmet to suit your preferences. Always remember during a fitting for helmets that a good helmet is spacious from the inside and not tight.