An Italian night in

Chances are that it’s not possible to travel this summer. Maybe you already booked your trip to Italy or Spain, but it’s not safe at the moment. You can cry about it, but you better make the best out of a bad situation. So pretend you’re on holiday and make the most of this quarantine! In this article we’ll tell you more about going on a holiday in your own home!

An Italian dinner

Were you planning on going on vacation to Italy this summer? Then you’ll probably have pictured yourself eating pizza or pasta and enjoying the best wine. You can do that at home! Pick a sunny summer day and make your own pizza. It’s not that hard, you can even buy an Italian pizza crust in the supermarket that you can top off with your favourite ingredients. When you’re not in the mood to make it yourself, you can always order from your favourite Italian restaurant. Don’t forget about dessert! Italians love some desserts like tiramisu or panna cotta. That really finishes off your Italian dinner!

Create an Italian vibe

Just making and eating your own pizza may not be enough to really get that Italian vibe. You could decorate your balcony or yard, to really find yourself in one of Italy’s many cosy cities. Put some flowers on the table, set your table as if you’re on an Italian terrace. Some candles, flowers and a nice table cloth will set the right mood. This is of course the perfect setting for a romantic date! 

Music and movies

Do you love to go dancing when you’re out on your vacation in Italy? Why not do that in your own home? It doesn’t matter which type of music you like. You can find various genres of Italian music on Spotify or YouTube for example. After an hour of dancing together, you can finish your night with a great Italian movie. You can watch romantic movies or maybe some mafioso movies, whatever you like!